General Review Of Webmaster Resources

There are hundreds, if not thousands of good websites that help the webmasters to build, maintain and promote their sites better. Just search on the Google and you will find the results. But today I am talking about a site, that I find very much useful and solves most of my purposes. I am talking about
This is practically a blog site and you will find daily updates of latest developments in the fields of SEO, Advertising network, affiliate marketing, blogging, domains, Google Adsense, Keywords, marketing, Monetizing, Search Engine news besides different tricks and tips to make your website better than your competitors. All the blogs are well classified; you need to click on the links of your required niche placed right in the homepage. I find the Google Adsense blogs very much updated. The admin at did a great job by informing the changed policy of Google regarding their Adsense program well ahead the topic hit the market. They also informed Google’s policy to introduce third party advertisements in their network. If you are a webmaster, resources like this will definitely help you a lot.

Internet is full of advertising networks. You will be in a mess, if you don’t have any idea how to get the best out of it. Here also admin at are doing their best by constantly updating the latest happening around the advertizing networks. You will get advices regarding advantages of online marketing, detailed discussion of the pros and cons of several In-text advertising networks and information about text backlink broker sites.
If you are a dedicated blogger, you will find the Blogging section, better than anybody else. You will be taught the basics before starting a blog site, how to maintain and update your blog site and how to get backlinks for your blog among others. A fresher in the field of blogging will find the ‘guide for want to be bloggers’ like the Bible.
I particularly liked the Search Engine Optimization blogs. This is just like one of the top notch sites, I must say. May be as the admin is a pro in the SEO field, he knows every details of SEO. I have checked the comments in favor of the admin in a webmaster’s forum and didn’t find any bad comments, let alone any negative feedback. This guy knows what he is doing and it has reflected in his blog. He has taken care of every tidbits of SEO and explained them in simplest possible ways. SEO tips for Google, Yahoo and other major search engines are being discussed in detail. Here you will find how to insert Meta tags in the BlogSpot sites, information related to link building and Google Page Rank. Even I have seen that people are getting replies related to any query left in the comment section of every blog entry. The admin is a champion in SEO, no doubt about that.

You will find three unmatched SEO tools Google PageRank Prediction, Link Popularity Checker and the Backlink checker. If you are a webmaster, I hope it will be needless to say how much useful these SEO tools could be.
The admin of the offers two basic services Directory submission service and the Article submission service. You will get the link where you have to place your order and they will reach you. This is the part where I find they should improve their service. Nobody likes to get referred to another page to place any order. Although they have put a remark that the asking page in under construction, they should do it fast.
These two are, by far, the basic of SEO services. As I have said earlier, I did not find any flaw in their SEO services. I checked the comments placed by the service buyers and all of them were happy with the SEO service of them.

Navigating in the is just fine. All the categories are well organized and by clicking the required niche link in the home page itself, you will be guided to the posts. You can subscribe the newsletter of It’s free and worth subscribing.
My overall experience staying in this site is quite good. I did find some great information that I am going to use and the SEO tools are nothing but the best. I am also planning to hire their SEO services in near future.